robustness definition and meaning
robustness definition and meaning

robustness definition and meaning

However, many other distances can be used (e.g. Manhattan or Chebyshev), depending on the desired interpretation of distance and, as we will see in the next paragraph, on the desired interpretation of robustness. Where ϕ is the specification of the functionality in temporal logic and Tp is the trace representing the behavior of the system under perturbation p. This notion of robustness corresponds to a mean functionality, that is, describes on average how the system behaves under perturbations. To illustrate this, consider the plots 1 and 2 of Figure 2 that describe the performance Das—or equivalently in our case, the satisfaction degree—of two hypothetical systems in the face of perturbations p. Because these two plots have the same average, the robustness of these two systems would be equal for evenly distributed perturbations. For example, in a bioengineering context, if the ‘property’ reflects the quantity of some product exported by cells, these two systems will indeed produce on average the same quantity of the desired product.

definition of robustness

Performing set operations and distance computation in low-dimensional spaces may strongly affect the practical applicability of these methods. In Donaldson and Gilbert a similar notion of violation degree has been recently proposed, also based on the definition of a satisfaction domain of temporal logic formulae. However, the computation of the satisfaction domain is made by sampling the formula space rather than by constraint solving.

A definition of qualitative robustness for general point estimators, and examples

The first and most significant second-order sensitivity indices are given in Table 1. They correspond to average values obtained on three similarly defined grids (∼20 hr per 8D grid). Satisfaction degree, robustness and relative robustness represented in the (κeyfp, γ) parameter space. For example, the formula F(≥10) interpreted on trace T of Figure 1a and expressing that eventually exceeds 10 might be found true or false depending on the integration step and precision. So care must be taken when checking temporal properties on finite discrete time traces [for a discussion, see Eisner et al. ; Fainekos and Pappas and Maler et al. , and references therein].

By examining children who come to the task of language development facing environmental risks, the robustness of these sequences becomes evident. More examples We definition of robustness have several options for improving the robustness of the market. Developing Itô stochastic differential equation models for neuronal signal transduction pathways.

We have presented a general and computational framework for the definition of the robustness of biological functions with respect to a set of perturbations. In this setting, the computation of robustness is fully automated and is implemented in the free software BIOCHAM (Calzone et al., 2006). When formalizing the robustness notion, we found that several definitions can be proposed. One can notably distinguish absolute robustness, quantifying the average performance of a perturbed system, from relative robustness, quantifying performance degradation/improvement due to perturbations.

In general, building robust systems that encompass every point of possible failure is difficult because of the vast amount of possible inputs and input combinations. Since all inputs and input combinations would require too much time to test, developers cannot run through all cases exhaustively. Some selected inputs might consist of a negative number, zero, and a positive number. When using these numbers to test software in this way, the developer generalizes the set of all reals into three numbers. This is a more efficient and manageable method, but more prone to failure.

Robustness Analysis is the process of analyzing a design’s performance in the presence of variation effects such as voltage, process, and temperature. It provides additional statistical metrics to measure the performance complimenting Static Timing Analysis and enables chip’s immunity to variation and drives PPA improvements by addressing pessimistic design constraints. Registered users receive a variety of benefits including the ability to customize email alerts, create favorite journals list, and save searches.

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There is a certain robustness in these stories dealing with the inexorable laws of Nature. Noun The quality of being robust; strength; vigor, or the condition of the body when it has full firm flesh and sound health. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Synopsys helps you protect your bottom line by building trust in your software—at the speed your business demands.

  • Although very interesting from a theoretical point of view, Kitano’s definition might be too general when applying it to particular problems.
  • Unfortunately, Kitano does not provide much information on how to define the so-called evaluation function Das of the system.
  • Since all inputs and input combinations would require too much time to test, developers cannot run through all cases exhaustively.
  • However, the computation of the satisfaction domain is made by sampling the formula space rather than by constraint solving.
  • Comments about specific definitions should be sent to the authors of the linked Source publication.
  • Because these two plots have the same average, the robustness of these two systems would be equal for evenly distributed perturbations.

In particular, in the context of synthetic biology, these are key issues to take into account at the design level. The relations between robustness and evolvability, and between robustness and modularity have been extensively studied in systems biology (Ciliberti et al., 2007; Kitano, 2004). In synthetic biology, however, not much work has focused on robustness analysis.

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To illustrate the applicability of our approach and demonstrate its biological relevance, we considered the possibility to improve the robustness of the timed response of a transcriptional cascade to an addition of inducer. The significant cell-to-cell variability makes it difficult to use this system as a reliable biological timer for synthetic biology applications. We found parameter modifications for which a desired timed behavior is robustly obtained. Moreover, we explored the impact of possibly large parameter variations on the robustness of the desired behavior. Using global sensitivity analysis, we obtained several interesting results that could potentially help for the optimization of the system.

definition of robustness

Over the course of two decades, we have expanded across industries to work with customers who now rely on our technologies as an integral part of more than 20 million embedded devices. We do this by providing an open platform for data collection and software management on devices. By connecting everything everywhere anytime, we ensure the right data gets to the right place at the right time. We build safety, Robustness, and security into our products and services. The analysis of second-order sensitivity indices indicates that joint variations of production and degradation rates play a significant role in robustness variations.

The value of shares and ETFs bought through a share dealing account can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. Technical Analysis The technical analysis definition is a trading tool and method of analysing… If a model is not robust then a loss can be made as well as a profit. Comments about specific definitions should be sent to the authors of the linked Source publication.

REACTION TIME (Response Latency)

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definition of robustness

In Figure 7, the satisfaction degree, the robustness and the relative robustness are represented in the (κeyfp, γ) parameter space. It appears that the constraints on γ are much tighter than the constraints on κeyfp. Both for the satisfaction degree and for the robustness, γ has to remain in a narrow interval, whereas κeyfp simply has to exceed some value.

For NIST publications, an email is usually found within the document. Full text search our database of 174,500 titles for Robustness to find related research papers. Analyzing the data from these rainfall seasons, Getzin’s team found water from within the circles was depleting fast, despite not having any grass to use it, while the grasses on the outside were as robust as ever. While businesses report robust hiring increases last month, unemployment is slowly creeping back up.

Technical Analysis

The violation degree has thus a simple interpretation, since it quantifies by how much a given LTL formula must be changed to hold on a given numerical trace. More generally, this variable abstraction/instantiation process allows us to view a LTL formula as a point in the QFLTL formula space ℝq, where q is the number of constants appearing in ϕ . In Figure 1b, ϕ1, ϕ2, ϕ3 and 𝒟T,ϕ are represented in this formula space. Frankly, I am not sure that testing her hypothesis to a peer-reviewable level of robustness is possible given the middling quality of data and the inherent ambiguity with how particular projects must be assigned to particular congressional districts. A definition of qualitative robustness for point estimators in general statistical models is proposed. Some criteria for robustness are established and applied to estimators in parametric, semiparametric, and nonparametric models.

The ability of an information assurance entity to operate correctly and reliably across a wide range of operational conditions and to fail gracefully outside of that operational range. The robustness of the phylogenetic analyses was assessed by trying various tree-building methods and several different evolutionary models. Sliding modes are used to determine best values for parameters in neural network learning rules, thereby robustness in learning control can be improved. In our approach, atomic propositions π express real-valued linear constraints on time, protein concentrations and their derivatives. I am not sure that testing her hypothesis to a peer-reviewable level of robustness is possible given the middling quality of the data …


Traders use technical analysis to test the robustness of their models. It’s an attribute of financial markets where they continue to perform as expected despite the change of certain parameters in an economic model of that market. It means that a model of a market works even as conditions change beyond the original ones. From the point of view of building learning abilities into artificial agents, simple mechanisms have obvious advantages in terms of robustness and design cost. Ingolia NT. Topology and robustness in the drosophila segment polarity network. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

Generalizing test cases is an example of just one technique to deal with failure – specifically, failure due to invalid user input. Systems generally may also fail due to other reasons as well, such as disconnecting from a network. Numerical simulations of the ODE model with 5000 log-normally distributed parameters with mean . Temporal evolution of the fluorescence following addition of aTc. Temporal evolution of the coefficient of variation of the fluorescence.

Robustness and modular design of the drosophila segment polarity network. Davidson EH, Levine MS. Properties of developmental gene regulatory networks. Chin JW. Modular approaches to expanding the functions of living matter. However, adoption of the superhydrophobic surface treatment will ultimately depend on its long-term robustness and cost. “Any efforts to delay or water-down the agreements will jeopardize financial stability, and undermine the long-term robustness of the recovery,” said Ingves, who is also governor of Sweden’s central bank.

Crosses and solid line represent coefficient of variations obtained from experimental data in Hooshangi et al. and from numerical simulations, respectively. We use LTL to express dynamical properties of biological systems. Temporal logics have been developed to specify the behavior of dynamical systems . Typical properties include reachability , inevitability , invariance , response and infinite occurrences of events .

In specific nonparametric models, the proposed definition boils down to Hampel robustness. It is also explained how plug-in estimators in certain nonparametric models can be reasonably classified w.r.t. their degrees of robustness. When applied to ISCM, a property that an ISCM capability is sufficiently accurate, complete, timely, and reliable for providing security status information to organization decision-makers to enable them to make risk-based decisions.

Benefits of Robustness Analysis

Illustrative examples of the expressiveness of temporal logics in systems biology can be found in Antoniotti et al. ; Batt et al. ; Bernot et al. 2004); Calzone et al. and Chabrier and Fages . LTL formulae are built using atomic propositions and LTL operators. PrimeShield can rapidly identify and drive optimization of bottlenecks at the stage, path and design level that are sensitive to variations such as supply voltage drops or manufacturing variability.

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